Kansas City 12th & Oak Hype Overnight

Here's what the current administration would like us to think. Posted mostly for the benefit of our insomniac friend whilst they work on other, more important things for the late night. 

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The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments. Here are the top three things you should know this week:

1. The new KCI terminal project hit the half-way mark - on-time & on budget

2. KC Water signed an updated consent decree for the Smart Sewer program

3. And thank -you voters for approving the e-tax once again which provides funding to many basic city services

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  1. that stimulus should spend nicely. Thank you Mr. Mayor, thank you President Biden.

    Trump is still out of office.

  2. Gasoline prices are up the leftist continue to burn, loot and want to pack the supreme court. The left continues to vilify the Russians while coddling the real enemy the communists Chinese. The Karencrats are not ever happy all they is complain. Yeah things are just groovy.

    1. Interesting @12:23. Mostly agree but both the Russians and the Chinese are rivals.

  3. ^^^ rivals, that’s funny!

    Sleepy joe bidumb doesn’t want the Chinese or Russians to spill the beans on all the bribe money they’ve given him and his crime family, that’s the only reason he won’t say a word about them, they own him. He sold you out for personal gain.

  4. Actually "Smart Sewer System" would make a good shorthand description of Jackson County and KCMO politics.
    Maybe not the "smart" part, though.

  5. Nothing the city has built has ever been on time and on budget. What a lie.

  6. "KC Water signed an updated consent decree for the Smart Sewer program"

    KCMO's "Smart Sewer" program is recycling sewer water into tap water.

    But most folks already knew that when they take a sip of delicious KCMO water.

  7. KCI is NOT on budget. They promised the voters One billion for the airport and now it's an extra $500 million.

  8. 12:25 - they have been rivals at times in the past, for instance when China adopted Maoism and rejected Stalinism. But they have also been allies at times, and still will be whenever that is in the interest of both countries.

    For instance, I would not be too shocked to see Russia invade The Ukraine at the same time as China attacks Taiwan. The USA and its sometimes allies would be unable to stop either, much less both.

  9. The airport is on time and on budget..8:09 you are a fucking idiot.

  10. 8:39 you're the idiot for buying into the so called news. Noticed the officials are not named and the only one who makes a comment works for Edgemoor and they sure not going to say anything negative at this time. They are not over budget yet as they still have a lot to do and it's towards the end that the money will start running out of the so called budget. One year from now will be a whole other story.

  11. Let's make sure we are categorically clear on this.

    We should let the Russians take the Crimea and Ukraine and let the Chinese take Taiwan.

    Our military is a fuckin joke. They are woke as fuck and the main concern is gender studies and pretending that girls can lead Seal Team 6 into battle.

    Our military is really good at making funding sex change operations.

    They are NOT, with few exceptions, good at war.

    We will get our fuckin clocks cleaned in any war with Russia or China.

    The military is concerned, primarily, with "Domestic Terrorists".

    Translation = people who are white and voted for Trump.

    The Pentagon, the Feds are retarded, blood simple, death grinding, brain dead pussies who could, in no way, execute a war.

    They had better shut the fuck up and hope no one notices them/us.

    I was drafted in 1969.

    If I were 19 today and the Federal Government drafted me, I would go to fuckin Canada. No way, I would fight for this WOKE/Fascist/ regime.

    1. You can go to Canada now chucklowe and see how your lunatic shit plays there.

      They'd have you committed in 24 hours.

  12. ^ Excellent analysis by 9:04 -

    U.S. Military leadership is full of career politicians worried about their careers, promotions and pensions versus defending America and training their troops.

    The current generals are not fighting men like Pershing, Patton and Schwarzkopf.

    China and Russia realize war is a tough business, and their military is trained as such. They do not fund transgender surgery for their troops or place women in combat for political expediency.

    Biden better stay out of any wars with China and Russia as 50% of America does not believe Biden is a legitimate President and do not support his Marxist policies.

    The 50% that do support Biden are Marxists who hate America, the Constitution, Christians, law and order and will not fight to defend the country.

    The Marxist Democrats cheer the murder of Alisa Babbit a U.S. veteran who had three tours of combat in Iraq.


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