Kansas CCW Age Limit Set To Drop

Gun rights for youngsters moves forward in the Sunflower State.

Here's what might or might not be a good move . . . Read more:

Bill to drop concealed carry age from 21 to 18 advances in Kansas Senate

by: AP Wire Posted: / Updated: TOPEKA, Kan. - The Kansas Senate has advanced a bill that would lower the legal age to carry concealed firearms in Kansas from 21 to 18. The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday voted 30-8 for the bill, which would require permit holders to complete a background check and undergo gun safety training.


  1. Bad idea. Science has proven the human mind does not become able to determine "common sense" till about age 25. Before then, its all emotions. Some 18 year old will make a bad mistake...

  2. ^^ If it's 25 , then why is the current law 21 ? Why are you able to join the military ? legally marry, have kids, consume alcohol, live on your own ( assuming you were able to ) and work ? Please define your theory of 25. As it seems you can do everything else before 25. I 've never noticed any law stating you must be 25 to do anything ? Are you sure it isn't 26 ? maybe 41 ? Ding dong, stupidity just knocked. GO back to worrying about transgender attacks in the metro , ghost guns and white power factions taken over the world.

  3. No 18 year old ever graduated and got a MD license. Or piloted a commercial jet at 18. And you cannot be President till your 35 years of age - yes even a 25 year old can't be President.

    Why are so may 18 years olds killed in high speed car wreck in the regular city streets? They lack full common sense. Why would an 18 year old need a gun anyway to protect themselves? They have their parents to care for them


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