Johnson County Deadly Police Shooting Double Talk Alleged

There was a court fight to release these dox and now the debate over their contents begins.

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New document contradicts previous public statements in Overland Park teen's fatal shooting

New information has been revealed about the controversial fatal shooting of an Overland Park teen by a police officer in 2018. A court filing by the city of Overland Park reveals new information that directly contradicts previous statements from the police chief and Johnson County District Attorney.


  1. Sounds like that cop was caught lying. 13 shots into the minivan and his band of brothers believed that steaming pile? I support police but not idiots like this one. To the family, sue their asses.

  2. Detective Gillespie4/2/21, 2:30 PM

    There should be no respect given to the men and women in blue of the Overland Park Police Department. A child died and they lied. How do you give respect to someone like that?

  3. Channel 41 is a crappy news station so take any of their reporting with a grain of salt. They spent more time promoting the, now gone, married anchors & their long time weather guy (with his dogs) than working on news. Umm yeah, your called to house for a domestic problem & the garage door opens- you don’t toss an ice cream sandwich to the car. Mom is(was) a bloody Middle School principal. Are we investigating the right people?

  4. ^^^^^Are you suggesting we should be investigating Channel 41, the mother, or the ice cream sandwich? Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. I agree with 2:59 so the officer side stepped the car wow he saved his own life like any normal person would.

  6. Yes, and it's not the fault of the Parent's for the infants being thrown over the border wall. It's the wall, biden, trump, ice, coyotes, man in the moon, you , I , sonny and cher, amos and andy, any gibb and the coke whore, kim and kayne ,Cash out how day bitch, the list is endless. Keep blaming, haters.


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