Johnson County Community College Gives Away $250 COVID Vaxx Cash

Golden Ghetto incentive finally gets to the point and tacitly confirms that holding out a bit for a better offer usually pays off.

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Johnson County Community College paying staff to get vaccinated

Johnson County Community College is paying its employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations in the hopes of getting more students on campus this fall.Getting students back on campus is a top priority at Johnson County Community College."Fatigue is there and it's fatigue of staring at a screen constantly," said Chris Gray,


  1. Byron Funkhouser4/8/21, 10:27 PM

    It's not worth $250 and I'm still not getting one.

  2. Bribing people to get a treatment for a virus that requires a test to see if you have it. No, it is not a vaccine. It is a DNA altering experiment.

  3. Both of u take your meds this morning mmmmmKAY? ^^^^^^^^^LOL

  4. No vaccines!!!! Whaaaa!!! I don't believe in science!!!! Whaaaa!!!!! The virus is fake cause I read it somewhere!!!!!! Whaaaaa!!!! All the 500,000 dead are crisis actors!!!!! Whaaaa!!! I'm too smart to get the vaccine!!!! Whaaaa!!!!!

    1. Dr. Chimpy! Why do the least restricted states have better outcomes than the mire restricted ones? Monkey science please!

  5. ^^Hey fuckface, what's a "mire restricted one?" Old people are so fucking dumb.

  6. Oh Snap! Our old blog punching bag-chimpy-lover, just got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!!

  7. Poor old chimpy-lover. Can't even write a coherent thought. Dementia settling in old boy?

  8. To all of you antivax MAGA's please do not get the vaccine. This is called the thinning of the herd, its OK.

  9. ^^Bam! True that! Die MAGA die!

  10. What this proves is lits of folks aren't taking the vaccines. Word has gotton out that most folks agreeing to scam vaccines are the ones who took flu shots of nursing home residents.

    Now bribing folks to take vaccines exposes lies and their desperation to comply with Bill gates evil vaccines that he's behind to nano chip millions.

    Bill Gates and fauci set up scamdemic and created CORNA VIRUS that has patents allegedly to dupe folks to believe their only hope is to take vaccine.
    Ask yourself why did little hitler fauci rebuke hydroclorquine so tough??

    Bill gates told him to to make biggest impact of deaths for those in fear to SUBMIT to mask, staying away from family and losing everything while they got rich fron vaccines virus test, big box stores stock and controlling the people through fear. Using cdc and others at local level to carry out their evil under a darn lie.

    Once folks take vaccines any vaccine.

    Once they do, those people will, and mind is changed. They avoid people, act odd, stop going to church, wont speak to familiar faces.

    This is demonic. They ride in their car with mask on, and their the only one in car. They are now conditioned like a sleeper cell.

    Again no money is worth your destruction of mind body and soul.
    Notice no one asks ingredients of vaccines.. aborted baby tissue. So now you know why abortion clinics kept open.

    Tucker carlson FOX news exposed Bill Gates using drones to block the Sun.

    This guy is fn crazy and should be brought to the Hague and tried as a criminal and the people he's harmed decide his fate.

    Trust God for wisdom and never take money to get a vaccine. The money will be gone just like Judas took money your life as you know it will be ended.

    Leave these vaccines alone. Ask yourself why if so many FOLKS are vaccinating why are they using bribes to entice FOLKS.

    If this was voting time and BRIBES were given to tip election what would be your thoughts folks??

    Use wisdom and decernment, these folks have no desire to help you period.

  11. if the vaccine is so great WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAY and advertise to get people to take a shot that is not proven effective has NO studies on long term effects on humans for a virus that 99% of infected survive and we have a cure for those who get infected. Also if you have taken the vaccine what do you care of other do not your vaccinated.

  12. ^^Because you ignorant fucktard, if not enough people get the vaccine, then the virus continues to spread and we can't have herd immunity which means we can't go back to normal life!! Jesus, why are TKC fucktards so fucking dumb??

  13. ^^ if it doesn't protect you against the virus then its NOT A VACCINE DIPSHIT.

  14. funny how measles, small pox and polio all tested for years worked without fear of mutation also measles, small pox and polio did not have a 99% survival rate. useful idiot keep wearing your mask after vaccine while driving alone in your car KAREN 11:52

  15. ^^Huh? English you speak it? Try again. This time make sense. Oh fuck that...just go away. You're fucking dumb.

  16. ^^ oh hey the chat grammar grader is here grading our english in chat because they are too stupid to figure out context. Tell ya what take your mask and wipe your ass with it then wear it so you can smell what you got rolling around in your head. understand that one?

  17. ^^sorry, I don't speak retard.


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