Jackson County Courthouse Without A/C

Things will heat up very quickly in Downtown Kansas City and one of our many old & busted institutions at 12th & Oak isn't prepared.

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As temperatures rise, Jackson County courthouse has no air conditioning

It's a situation that keeps getting worse for the Jackson County courthouse in downtown Kansas City. The county spent more than $12 million on repairs to fix water damage after the basement flooded due to water main breaks as well as renovations on the building's six elevators.


  1. I'll bet it stinks like hell in there. Just be glad the dirty Sly James isn't in there, he looks like he hasn't bated in years if ever. I'm sure Lucas stinks just as bad he's too drunk and stoned to keep clean.

  2. Where's Frank ? Isn't he in charge of things like this?


  3. for the first time..defendants may actually "sweat"..

    with Peter Baker as the Prosecutor..they know they're gonna walk...no sweat

  4. They manage the courthouse the way they manage the county... poorly. Basic facility management would prevent these issues.

  5. Good they can practice Bidets new green energy plan

  6. FBI took a knee when they were looking into the combat fund embezzlement by Frank and Caleb Clifford. They know what happened but can't go after him cause he was black and a shill. They didn't clean house like they should have, after Mike Sanders went down. Frank is an inexperience senile puppet that got used. They don't want anybody in there poking around.

  7. Anything frank white touches turns to shit.

  8. Boo Hoo.

    Hope they fucking suffocate.

    Raised everyone's property taxes 25%; the fucking assholes.

    Hope the hobo's shit on the air conditioning vents so they can smell that in the courthouse as well.

    Frank White will blame everyone but himself.


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