J&J COVID Vaxx Pause Cancelled Arrowhead Kansas City Vaxx Part Deux

The U.S. rollout vaxx rollout continues to struggle and medical supply chain probs stopped the 2nd round of a local public health push.

More deets on J&J troubles . . .

Politico: The chaos has disappointed the Biden team, which once argued that the company’s one-dose vaccine would be central to turning the tide of the pandemic.

On the bright side, local walk-in clinics are now more than capable to pick up the slack.

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Jackson County Health Department gives new details on cancellation of Arrowhead vaccination event

KMBC 9 is learning more about why the second mass vaccination event at Arrowhead Stadium was canceled.


  1. BIden is getting kick back from Pfizer duh. Wonder how much and what hunter is getting? All this for a vaccine that is not 100 effective against a virus made in china ordered and paid for by obama that has a 99% survival rate.

  2. Bidumb, odummy and hitlery are all getting kickbacks, damn shame they killed so many people all over the world so they could make even more money than they need.

    These fools probably have an escape plan that only elitist can have, they probably have an island stocked with a hundred years worth of supplies to live on until the old and poor are all gone.

  3. Even more reason for the blacks to not take the vaccine, they think this is all a grand experiment and they are the test subjects, they don’t want the vaccine anyway, they’re scared of it.

  4. Wow.

    Three comments, three nutcase.

    Let's keep it at 100% crazy, dudes

    1. Almost as crazy as the hysteria, contradictions, and political gaming of the whole pandemic by those in charge of the response.

  5. ^^^^ +10000000

    Joe bidumb said that doom and gloom wouldn’t be done until late 2022, and that was his optimistic outlook. Or after the midterm elections! Hahahahaha!

  6. No fools left. Word is out gene therapy is more dangerous than the virus.

  7. As someone who trusts science, I will consider getting the vaccine once it has passed all FDA trials

  8. You're still at 100% insane. Keep up the crazy, chucklowes!!!

  9. Nobody wants it anyway.


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