In Defense Of Johnson County Goodwill

Credit where it's due . . . This column is one of the best things the Kansas City Star has published in about a year and advocacy for the working poor in the Golden Ghetto offers a glimpse at the power of editorial journalism when it pushes past culture war.

Olathe blocking Goodwill store reinforces stereotypes and hurts economic development

Businesses are reopening and jobs are coming back, but not for everyone. According to the website,, while the recession has almost ended for high-wage workers, employment for low-wage workers is still 30% lower than it was just before the pandemic in February 2020.


  1. People don't want a shit show in their back yard. Find another location.

    1. ^^^ but your trailer park is already a display of worthless garbage. Deal with it.

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  3. Johnson Country is quickly becoming Raytown. Sad.

  4. Section 8 is the bane of every suburb's existence. Should be turned into prisons because of the crime they cause.

  5. Come to Section Ape if you like to drink grape!

  6. They already have enough Dollar branches, dollar in generals and other areas for the fleece cartoon pants and fake dirty croc wearers to spend all their assistance in. Maybe add a few more Ross stores for the Mexicans kids to open up all the packages in. Play We are the world in Spanish 24 /7. feel united.


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