How To Celebrate Earth Day In Kansas City

Two years ago AOC predicted the end of the world. Given her math we've only got about 10 years until the planet is cancelled so we should made that time count.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Practice Safer Sex With Vegan Condoms

2. Help Bike/Walk KC do something besides destroy Armour Blvd.

3. Consider Kansas City's low-rent "green new deal" that offers a chance for local politicos to lecture motorists whilst ignoring their own freebie downtown luxury parking spaces and citywide commuting.

Of course we'll post again on this topic and we'd like to read some suggestions from the TKC Blog Community - The best place to recycle local content.

Further reading . . .

AP: Biden opens Earth Day virtual summit with pledge to cut U.S. emissions up to 52% by 2030

KSHB: Kansas City Parks to celebrate Earth Day with Spring clean up events

UST: AOC, Markey reintroduce Green New Deal proposal aimed at climate change, economic injustice

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  1. Lets take a survey. Should Mayor Q resign over his handling of the Covid pandemic, destroyed economy and increased crime and homelessness in Kansas City?

  2. ^^They already do that to themselves lol

  3. This is racist. Must be white suprematists. What’s next, going after homosexuals or displaced children from south of the border?

  4. Chimpy's going to be excited about vegan condoms. He'll being buying some for his gramps.

  5. It's also Vladimir Lenin's birthday anniversary. Coincidence? Not likely. Earth day is venerated mostly by watermelons.

  6. More photo ops for Mayor McSelfie. Yay!!!


    Q: How did Quinton Lucas celebrate Girth Day in KCMO?

    A: He took Sylvester James and Justice Horn to an all-you-can-eat buffet!!!


  8. They have already destroyed Armour Blvd and wait until MAC Co starts their project on the four corners. Sly James let them go ahead with this project not making them have adequate parking. Good Luck to the Hyde Park residents parking and pulling out of your driveway will be a nightmare in front of your house. But then again maybe my special friend will get t-boned.

  9. In honor of Earth Day, take a trash bag full of crap and distribute it along the roads so it can blow around and add that special look to the city. What? Is that a bad idea? Sorry, because it looks like people have already done this. Never saw so much trash in this city.


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