Hickman Mills School Board Hot Mess Cont'd

This South side blogger perspective skews a bit pout-y but still offers good info and a neighborhood perspective about post-election changes in Kansas City's 2nd best provisionally accredited school district.

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It's Begun

The Hickman Mills school board reorganized last night. With Freedom, Inc. now having a majority on the board, Byron Townsend, who had resigned a few years ago because he wasn't happy about the people elected by the board to be president and vice-president and who has a 70% attendance rate was elected president.


  1. All you have to know is 2 words to know that the school district will be f-ed up even worse....those 2 words: FREEDOM INC.

  2. In the event of school shootings white students will be ordered to the front and not exceptions. That will help the thug students grade curve.

  3. It's a sad day for the students of Hickman Mills. Neither Freedom, Inc. nor the people they got elected care about educating the future of our country.

  4. That district has been losing students regularly except the school board doesn't know it because attendance reports aren't being made to the board and they don't know enough to ask about them.

    Look for more school closings and blank stares from the board members when they're confronted with the issue.

  5. At least John Sharp and Freedom, Inc. should be happy about their puppets. They have lots of strings to pull now. Should everyone be looking for Clinton Adams to be the next attorney for the district?


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