Google Fiber Upgrades Kansas City To 2 Gigs

Despite WEIRD conspiracy theories about garbage troll comments and faux fear that silly throwaways crackpot news articles aren't getting good search ranking . . . Google remains the very best ISP in Kansas City as a "borrowed" password from a clueless neighbors can attest.

Here's news about a recent update . . .

The time has come! KC is now a 2 Gig City.

Starting today, Kansas City customers can sign up for our new 2 Gig service and put all that download speed to use whether working, playing, or watching over the internet. No matter how smart your home is, if your household needs 70 simultaneous 4K streams (yes, we said 70), or if most of your reality is virtual these days, 2 Gig can keep up.


  1. But can it still be free?

  2. One thing that I would sign up for in KCMO, alas, not available near me. I don't game, watch netflix with wifey at night. But slingin' some of my pdf color files around in split seconds would be great.


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