Golden Ghetto Boozy Dude Shares Pix

Sunday content from the nicer side of the metro reminds us that SOMETIMES it feels classy to purchase booze at a place that doesn't also sell beef jerky, chewing tobacco and lottery tickets.

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Shawnee Mission Faces: Marshall Rimann, semi-retired liquor store owner, actor, photographer

As a photographer, he enjoys capturing the stories of each face. While not a veteran himself, Rimann wanted to capture the lives and stories of local veterans. In November 2020, just after Veterans Day, he and a friend, Ronald Tennissen, published a book of pictures called "Veterans of the Heartland."


  1. Draft Dodger! Who the hell does he think he is, Donald Trump?

  2. So you were stupid enough to get shot at by viet cong when you could legally just go to college and have a win/win . Even low income people could do this. U a fool man . bet your still dug in with your righteous ideas..fool man, fool.

  3. Long as money is no object then Rimann Liquors is the place to go. Oh I forgot to add that if being waited on by snobs in the Prairie Village is your thing then you'll love that store.

    Save your money and go to Lukas Wine & Spirits Superstores where you'll find not only better selections but what you really wanted at a better price.

    Lukas out wines the Rimanns any day.

  4. Topeka Reader4/12/21, 1:34 AM

    How does Red X go for a liquor store to shop at? I go to Red X my self for a liquor store trip.


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