Thursday, April 22, 2021

Former Pay Day Loan Honcho Scott Tucker Stays Winning In Supreme Court

The corporate schemer who devised an elaborate financial plot that mostly ruined his life earned a small victory today after his heartbreaking story garnered streaming movie sympathy from Internets audiences.

Here's a peek at his win . . .

Supreme Court cuts back FTC power to seek ill-gotten gains

WASHINGTON (AP) - A unanimous Supreme Court on Thursday cut back the Federal Trade Commission's authority to recover ill-gotten gains, overturning a nearly $1.3 billion award against a professional race car driver who was convicted of cheating consumers through his payday loan businesses.

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Anonymous said...

I am sick of scammers.

Scott lived in Hallbrook not far from me. Right down the street from the mansion nick-named "Tara", taken from "gone with the wind" fame, a big southern style mansion and the woman who lived there embezzelled millions from a mutual fund company to pay for her house.

Tired of living amoungst crooks. Scott was a freakazoid and I think his Ferrari car cover is still for sale on craigslist. Search Ferrari and Tucker on craigslist