Felony Charge Against Suspect After Threats To Stab & Rape Jackson County Judge

The deets on the charges are nasty and mostly based on what a suicidal suspect told family members.

According to the documents, witnesses also told police the defendant said he was going to kill a judge and had a plan to "stab her, rape her in the stab wound and make her husband watch."

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Man accused of threatening Jackson County judge

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) --- An Independence man is accused of threatening a Jackson County judge. Bryon G. Postlethwait, 36, has been charged with a Class D felony charge of tampering with a judicial officer. Court records state witnesses told police the defendant told his family he intended to kill a judge before he killed himself.


  1. He should have said he would skullfuck her and piss down her neck.

  2. Can Elon Musk get a government contract to place folks like this on his test flights to Mars?

  3. Over some domestic b.s. I'm surprised the murder victim's families aren't more of a threat to the judges that give out probation like candy.

  4. Holy crap that twisted. Read that statement of facts.

  5. Liberal fag judges deserve it, after helping let murderers off on probation. What this guy said is basically what they’ve been doing to the parents and families of the victims, they have been ignoring the victims and families the entire time in Petersucker has been in office, that’s 11 years of coddling murderers and criminals and ignoring victims and their families.

    Makes sense that it was just a matter of time before somebody snapped, they brought this on themselves.


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