Evergy Cancels Local Coal-Fired Plant

A progressive move to save the planet probably means prices will continue to rise for plebs.

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Evergy moves up timeline to close coal-fired plants to help reduce use of fossil fuels

Evergy plans to close two of its coal-fired plants within nine years as part of its efforts to reduce its use of fossil fuels, according to a report filed Friday with regulators.The utility will close its coal-fired plant near Lawrence by the end of 2023.


  1. We have learned nothing from this winter. Energy looking to force a Californian style unreliable electrical grid on its Kansas and Missouri customers.

  2. Yes, we've learned that you're full of shit and a shill for coal and oil.

  3. The only thing green about green energy are the extra dollar bills we have to pay for it.

  4. ^and yet it's cheaper and cleaner than coal old-timer. Weird.

  5. Opening up a whole new opportunity to rape the customer.

  6. It is more expensive, less reliable, and dirtier than coal. Weird.

  7. ^and yet it's not whatsoever, and you watch Faux news too much. Be an independent thinker pappy. Before it's too late. Weird.

    1. You sound like a CNN rock head. Another Lib trying to save the planet. The Dimwits sing song....Al Gore played it and got wealthy....your fearless leader Barry Numbnut played it too. Wonder why, if they were so convinced global warming was such a great threat they bought houses where they did. Demented Joe also close to the ocean. You know why these clowns get away with their blatant lies? Morons like you lap up their bullshit. You want solar panels and believe they work anywhere other than sunny climates go to fucking China and make some. You Dimwits are amazing.

  8. Watch Planet of the Humans, by Michael Moore instead.


  9. ^^Pro tip CHUD: Don't post links. Nobody reads them.

  10. Chimpy. You’re a pro. A pro at lilies g in Mama’s basement and throwing your own fecies against the wall.

  11. United States has the world's biggest supply of coal and we cannot even use because of the stupid fucking Marxist Democrats.

    Enjoy paying twice the normal amount on your utility bills just like gas prices have nearly doubled under Biden and the Communists.

    The Lawrence coal plant is 10 times less toxic than Joe Biden's diaper.

  12. I don’t watch Faux News or Fox News and I still know that so-called ‘green energy’ is much worse for the environment than coal, gas, or nuclear electricity generation. Of course, unlike 3:46, I have a brain. Weird.


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