Does Kansas City Need A Homeless Dept.?!?!

Armed with free money from Prez Biden, here's how 12th & Oak might worsen an ongoing crisis with a solution more permanent than free hotel rooms.

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Kansas City, Missouri, could create Department of Housing to help with homelessness

Kansas City, Missouri, council members are debating a proposal to create a Department of Housing to oversee all aspects of housing in a coordinated effort. The city said the focus is on tenant issues, affordable housing, homelessness and community development.


  1. A smart person used their stimulus bills to pay down their debt and save a little for a rainy day. A fool spent theirs on a new big screen TV and a vacation somewhere otherwise unaffordable.

    Based upon KCMO's actions with the federal stimulus dollars handed to them, which camp to you think most of the City's leaders fall in?

  2. They eliminated the neighborhoods dept to create an all new and singular dept just for this reason, they plan on rebuilding abandoned houses and putting the homeless in them...... meanwhile the city has never been in this bad a shape in its entire history, streets, water, sewer and bridges are complete shit but the homeless problem lickass created is going to get tens of millions of dollars to create and implement.

    Remember, lickass created this whole crisis for his political future.

  3. I remember the two houses the city rebuilt for $1,000,000 and turned around and and only got $225,000 when they sold them. Now imagine how many millions of dollars it will cost the taxpayers to rebuild houses that they will put the hobo’s in and get nothing in return. What a fucking disaster.

  4. Kansas City needs a taxpayer department. That's the only group not represented at City Hall.

  5. This town is so tired. The City regularly and routinely displaces people - how about a review of the City to see how much homelessness is caused by the City? Then, you want them to turn around and create a task force on how they keep people in perpetual poverty and homelessness? Who’s watching the watchers?

    Name one thing this City manages correctly in favor of the residents that are brave enough to live within the City limits?

  6. ^^^ their own pocket books when they get kickbacks, and it better not be one penny short either.

  7. Rocker Ted Nugent is revealing he was in agony after testing positive for coronavirus - months after he said the virus was "not a real pandemic."

    "I thought I was dying," Nugent says in a Facebook live video posted Monday. "I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days," adding, "So I was officially tested positive for COVID-19 today."

    Rock on, chucklowes! Don't wear a mask. By all means don't get a vaccine. Maybe you'll die and do us all a big fucking favor.

    1. Yawn. Case death rate please.

  8. The City calls landlords "housing providers" and that makes them sound like a charitable or benevolent organization. Pardon me while I laugh hysterically.

  9. What’s needed is a city work farm. That’s where we used to send the hobos. Three hot and a cot was the rule of the day. A little structure might break the cycle for these folks.

  10. Everyone is going to be homeless with Dementia Joe Biden's 43% tax rate.

    Basically we get to keep 50 cents on every dollar we earn.

    That's before we pay property, sales and earnings tax.

    Fucking Communist Democrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Just like the buss service and so many other city based projects, it is about the process and not the outcome. If you can create infrastructure and employ more than it is a success, the outcome really is secondary.

  12. Would a homeless department have an office?


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