Saturday, April 10, 2021

DNA Evidence Emerges In Kylr Yust Trial

What's important and interesting about this testimony is that it attempts to piece together evidence over over a 10 year span:

The prosecution also called Jarrah Kennedy from the Kansas City Police Department Crime Lab to discuss DNA collected from a red and gray hoodie recovered found near Yust's grandfather's house.

Kennedy said there was brownish and blackish staining with four areas of interest on the shirt. She testified genetic information from Yust and Runions was collected from several areas of the shirt.

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THE TRIAL OF KYLR YUST: DNA experts testify on evidence linking Yust to Runions' death

A woman who traveled with Kylr Yust on the day after Jessica Runions went missing in September of 2016 said she was scared for her life as Yust was behaving nervously and erratically.Crystal Taylor, Jessep Carter's ex-wife, said they traveled to Kansas City so she and Carter could meet up with Yust at his grandfather's house on September 9, 2016.


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Does anybody know the names of those defense lawyers in the picture

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