Deadly Kansas City Beat Down Postscript

Charges confront the suspect in Kansas City's 44th murder so far this year . . . Read more:

Prosecutors charge KC man, 35, in woman's beating death at KC apartment

Jackson County prosecutors have charged a Kansas City man in the fatal beating of a woman at her south side apartment.Anthony D. Jones, 35, was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Michelle Long, 35.According to court records, Kansas City police were called Thursday to apartments in the 10600 block of East 98th Terrace to check on a resident.



The white supremacy and privilege here is so obvious.
Anonymous said…
^^ Yes, majority of violent crime headlines include the "innocent" smaller part of the population. But, notice how the blame is on the bleached ones. People can't see the daily non bleaches arrested for the crimes and tie it together. We are never going by actual common sense these days. Just whatever narrative the media throws. Followed by millions of mindless people jumping to support the "innocent". Because Tv told me so.
Anonymous said…
Black males aged 15-35 make up 3% of the nation’s population and are responsible for:

53% of all mass shootings
52% of all homicides
42% of all murders of on-duty police
30% of all rapes
56% of all robberies
33% of all aggravated assaults
30% of all burglaries
38% of all 'Violent Crime'
33% of all crimes against 'families and children'
Anonymous said…
Black love...