COVID Still Cancels Kansas City Events 2021

An important reminder that plague policy is still governed by local leaders with power to cancel nearly every popular gathering in this cowtown.

Check the latest casualty and a sign that pandemic debate persists.

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Celebration at the Station canceled for 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This year's Bank of America Celebration at the Station has been canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Kansas City Symphony announced Wednesday that the annual Memorial Day Weekend event at Union Station will not happen.


  1. Tell that fag your and the fat fake dr wrecks that covid is over, lickass is an angry power hungry retard that enjoys making peoples lives miserable.

    No wonder wataburger and other businesses don’t want to come here anymore, this has to be the most toxic city on earth.

  2. Cut the bullshit, Covid didn't cancel anything Q-Tip and Wrecks did.

  3. ^^^^^

    True, racist Lucas is crazy. He wants whitey out and black KC in. He needs to show KC he's a big man with big balls. It's nothing more than a black power stunt for a little man boy. Sad he has a baby now can you imagine having that sicko as a dad. Deadbeat dad, he will bail and not pay.

  4. Mayor Macadamia Nuts will go down in flames. The funny thing is that he's the dummy that doused himself in gasoline and will be the one to strike the match.

  5. ^^^ and yet both recall efforts went nowhere and he'll get reelected.


  6. Ask him if he prefers hemp or nylon rope.

  7. Kim Jong Un4/22/21, 5:21 AM

    Just as long as the KC Marathon is canceled.....I'm good.

  8. Bank of America, = Fleecing of Americans since 1998.

  9. Stupid, over 200 million Americans have had at least 1 shot and this is an outdoor event.

    No doubt the symphony was pushed into this by Q and other leaders and it's shameful.

    This would have been a great event to show that we are getting back to normalcy.

  10. Wrecks still imagines that there is a highly dangerous pandemic just around the corner that will kill us all if he ever drops the restrictions. He needs a mental health evaluation as his neuroses have clouded his judgment. All entertainment events and venues need to serious look into relocating to a more friendly jurisdiction where they will be allowed to open to the people.

  11. Let Kansas City continue to hang themselves. They’ll be crying about being broke and they’re doing nothing to change that except continuing down the same inept path. Democrats kill economies and we’re watching Kansas City’s inept Democratic government fail. Democrats fuck up every thing they touch.

  12. Events have been canceled in Killa City Misery because the Control Freak Mayor loves to abuse his elected power. Enjoy your unnecessary suffering, because I did not vote for the poorly educated leader, elected by idiot lovers. Other parts of America have returned to normal.


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