COVID Masks Still Required For Kansas City Baseball Season 2021

Local mandates persist as legit questions about CDC guidelines are ignored by local teams.

Here's the latest chapter in an ongoing debate over the new American dress code . . .


KC Monarchs, Royals require masks to watch games - The Sentinel

The Kansas City Monarchs , a minor league baseball team, will be allowing spectators this season, opening up season ticket sales late last month. While obviously good news for fans, according to Fox 4 in Kansas City, Kansas, when the season starts on May 18, the stands at Field of Legends will be at 50 percent capacity and fans will be expected to sit in socially distanced pods.


  1. Not building a new baseball stadium downtown is discriminatory against LGBTQ baseball fans.

  2. maybe people will skip another season.

    this could hurt baseball.

  3. The Royals and MLB won't have the money to build a new stadium anytime soon. Baseball as we know it is done and it's sad. Oh well, weird

  4. Should also be noted, in 2019 when there were zero restrictions the Royals couldn't even average 50 percent attendance. Since then they alienated 60 percent of their fanbase and making it even more difficult to go to games for the remaining few who want to. RIP

  5. ^^and yet they're worth over a billion dollars. Weird.

  6. ^^ And yet no one is lining up to pay that inflated price. Weird.

  7. ^^and yet someone just did two years ago. Try to pay attention geezer. Weird.

  8. I won't be wearing a mask at the Royals games;


    Your mamma is moan'in !!

    She's getting a good bone'in !!!

    Eat more fried chicken !!!!

    And give mamma a lick'in !!!!!

    Before you commence stick'in !!!!!!

  9. ^^^ shut up chimpy, nobody did any such thing.

    Here’s how you beat the mask in the stadium, buy one drink at the beginning of the game and pretend to sip from it for as long as you’re watching the game, nothing they can do to you if you have food or drink!

    Besides, the cdc says you don’t need a mash outdoors as long as you’re social distancing.

  10. ^^and yet John Sherman certainly did. Why are TKC geezers such fucking liars and utter morons? Now blow me while I shit CHUD.

    John Sherman Buys Kansas City Royals For $1 Billion - Forbes

  11. Sherman will be holding a bag of shit. @2:24, according to your mother blows people while they shit. Is that where you learned the art?

  12. Wear pasties for all I care. Woke baseball is dead. It is a Karencratic supporting fund raising organization. Screw 'em.


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