Court Dox Call Out Overland Park Top Cop

Another law enforcement leader under fire, take a look . . .

"On two separate occasions, Overland Park Chief Frank Donchez has either verbally or in writing provided false statements in his role as a KS law enforcement officer," Albers charged in a March complaint.

KCUR has confirmed that CPOST is investigating whether Donchez should keep his law enforcement license. KCUR specifically asked whether Overland Park has been cooperating with CPOST in this probe. In response, city spokesman Reilly said in a statement that, "city officials have been responsive to all requests received from officials at C-POST."

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As Feds Investigate Police Killing of Overland Park Teen, There Are Questions About The Police Chief

The FBI opened a civil rights investigation last September into the killing of Overland Park teenager John Albers. But new developments reveal the information investigators were looking for from the Overland Park Police Department about the officer who shot and killed the 17-year-old teenager in the driveway of his home in 2018.


  1. Family calls the police to help with their violent son.

    Son tries to run over police with van.

    Police shoot violent son.

    Family sues the police.

    Maybe police should quit answering domestic violence calls.

    Just sleep in the police station and watch porn like the firefighters.

  2. I gotta admit, being a FF is a good gig. And the public loves us. We couldn't do anything wrong if we tried. Wanna see my hose?

  3. Shelia is new ‘Karen’. So over her drama.

  4. So tired of this story.

  5. This whole thing boils down to a mom who left a troubled teen in a house alone with car keys. It is her fault and she blames the cops and if she ever admitted the truth she would probably commit suicide, like her son did.

  6. What kind of officer pisses himself seeing a car backing up?

  7. no bullet holes in the back of the van.


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