Conclusion To COVID Era Hot Garbage Municipal Legislation Coming Soon?!?!

Across the metro, local politicos passed a bevy of sketchy ordinances and resolutions that would have NEVER withstood a few questions from the public.

Of course the debate over precautions meetings persists . . .

Olathe school board unanimously votes to uphold mask mandate, will face new hearing Monday

However, we're trending toward a reopen of local government without the option of digitally muting residents. 

Read more . . .

Public allowed to return to Blue Springs City Council meetings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Blue Springs City Council will allow the public to speak during in-person meetings beginning next week. It's yet another sign that things are returning to normal more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic with Kansas City-area case rates on the decline and the number of people being vaccinated climbing.


  1. What'a Bunch of Dumb Bunnies...... Thanks China Joe...

  2. ^^^You didn't even READ the Article! Who's the Dumb Bunny Now?

  3. “as long as social-distancing and mask-wearing requirements are observed.”

    He did read the article dumb fuck, still dragging this plandemic out with no proof that any of this is or was necessary. Thanks China joe!


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