Clay Chastain Rail Petition Hopes To Secure Prez Biden Infrastructure Stimmy

A nod to our progressive friends who have hope in the upcoming federal stimulus that dreams of rebuilding the nation . . .

Vox: Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, explained in 600 words

Also, a right-wing rebuke of the Democratic Party pork fest . . .

Fox News: Biden's $2T spending plan, billed as infrastructure bill, spends less than half on infrastructure

Best of all, this town's most prolific petitioner is working to secure council sponsorship of his legislation.

Here's the latest . . .

Presser: Clay's petition to rebuild KC's transportation infrastructure is poised to secure $1.0 billion from Biden's $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.

An historic train will soon leave the station, and Kansas City is not yet on it.

For 707 days now, Mayor Lucas and the Council have kept off the ballot the only vision out there to jump start Kansas City's economy, rebuild its transportation infrastructure and secure matching (50%) federal funds.

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Biden's $2.3 trillion proposal includes... "spending on bridges, roads, mass transit and water infrastructure".

Cities will be first in line to receive federal funds whose voters have already approved a plan (and a local tax) to modernize mass transit. KC is still employing an unpopular, inefficient and and very expensive fossil fuel-powered bus system coupled with a limited novelty streetcar system that runs slowly in traffic.

Clay's $2.0 billion transportation infrastructure rebuild plan is designed to revitalize Kansas City and transit around a citywide, all-electric (rapid rail / rapid bus) and "Greenway Network" that will in turn create more jobs, better transportation alternatives and a boom in new revenues, residents and businesses.

Why would KC's elected leaders keep off the ballot a vision that could accomplish all that for its citizens?

Call Mayor Lucas and your Council Representative and tell them you want Clay's petition on the ballot.  

Developing . . . 


  1. A commuter train should use the tracks from downtown to Olathe along the Turkey Creek line. There are lots of decent jobs in Lenexa, Olathe and Gardner that do not pat enough to drive to, but a train might make them workable.

  2. Expanded Medicaid was on the ballot & passed.

    Your Republican Legislators didn't care.

    They are focused on their class war.

  3. One could drop a billion into 18th and Vine, and the only visible result would be many more Escalades driving around Troost and East.

  4. Hey, if they could build the Escalade in Fairfax then its a win-win.

  5. 2 billion builds much less than you'd think. It builds a glass box airport though.

  6. One could drop 100 billion into 18th and Vine, and the only visible result would be many more Escalades driving around Troost and East, a huge line of customers clammoring to get in outside of the Nike store in Legends, and a huge line at Five Guys Fries (all locations) in the metro area. Oh, and you will see a lot more worthless ghetto fat butt losers riding those courtesy "lazy" carts around Nebraska Furniture Mart gawking at the expensive mattresses and pretending they are all that as they look ridiculous wearing rap singer t-shirts combined with yoga pants combined with giant gold chains around their neck.


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