Clay Chastain Legal Battle Against 'Leftist' Kansas City Continues

The most prolific transit activist in local history references the culture war in his crusade to champion light rail over streetcars . . . Check-it:

Update on Clay Chastain's legal battle with a far leftist government that embodies America's on-going discord.

Despite its flaws, Abraham Lincoln loved America and used the force of his personality to improve America and hold it together. Today's radical left despise America, want to control it and seek to reconceive it in their own misbegotten image.

KC's far left government has its own dark history of trying to control the people by controling their petitions. In its latest dark act, Mayor Lucas and the City Council (abetted by Senior City Attorney Galen Beaufort and the legal deprtment), have refused to place on the ballot (for 734 days!!!) a legitimate transit-improving petition from the people. City Hall has offered no justification whatsoever (to the petitioners or the court) for denying the people's their right to vote on this petition vision. Just use the legal department to stonewall, control and intimidate because they can.

Petitioners have asked Honrable US District Judge Roseann E. Ketchmark for oral arguments so the petitioners can face those who seek to undermine an ideal Kansas City voters long ago enacted for themselves...the right to petition.

People should watch the outcome of this landmark case (No. 4:20-cv-694 RK) and up coming oral arguments. If Chastain wins, it will not only change the course of our City, it will also spell the political end of Mayor Lucas, City Council members and the far left doctrine they are forcing on the citizens of Kansas City.

Conservative activist, Clay Chastain.


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  1. Good, Lucas is a radical racist dictator. He arranged the plaza riots and then sat there on his knees like he was the good guy. He's a domestic terrorist and if you don't do something about it then you are just as guilty as he is.

  2. Quit with the "conservative" tag dumbass. You're anything but. Go away Clay.

  3. Another angry MAGAT throwing a tantrum. Same story; different day.

  4. And yet he didn't, there were no riots, and you're as crazy as Clay is. Weird.

    1. Oh Dr. Chimpy. So silly.

  5. Clay is the only politician that has the best interests of KC citizens. You can call him names and say anything you like, but for some of us, he is the only rational and sane person trying to hold this KC Mayor and Council accountable. We voted for his proposal years ago and the the Nazis in power at the time refused to submit to the will of the voters. I say anything Clay does is a helluva lot better than this do nothing Council and Mayor, who spend all their time building bike lanes that nobody uses or giving hundreds of million of dollars to a jazz district that nobody supports.

    Keep fighting Clay!!!!!

  6. ^^^^Thanks for your input, Clay.

  7. Not that I disagree with Chastain's point, but doesn't he live in Virginia (or someplace around there)?

    I've never exactly understood why he's compelled to rant about policy from a place 1,000 miles distant. That seems a bit weird. What's the story behind this?

  8. Clay Chastain is a racist though he had the chance to clean up that record.

  9. "landmark case" ha ha

  10. Wall E. Weasel4/28/21, 1:48 PM

    "I've never exactly understood why he's compelled to rant about policy from a place 1,000 miles distant. That seems a bit weird. What's the story behind this?"

    Because Kansas City government has a 25+ year history of doing this to him personally even when he did live here and he's still pissed off about it.

    He'd collect enough petition signatures to create a ballot issue during an election and the city would still refuse to put the question on the ballot. He'd take the matter to court and win, but of course by then it would be too late to be included during the election.

    I disagree with the light rail initiatives his petitions were related to but he's 100% correct in his assertions against city hall. He's exposed how criminally corrupt KC's government has been for a long time.

  11. non-citizens have no right to petition our government fuck off carpetbagger

  12. You still have the Clinton's to thank for placing democratic cell people in large cities ex.McCaskill and the ever phoney Modest Miles who came from Arkansas and is a buddy. You stupid leftist should move to Venezuela. This was never about race. Good hardworking taxpayers who love their city including EVERY DECENT BLACK AMERICAN, LATINA AMERICAN etc. Just want these stinking lousy trash talking thugs to quit demanding we treat them like heroes. The temper tantrums are getting old. That includes white trash. Blights of society. Quit falling for media shit. They want people acting like rabid dogs. PS. CLAY GIVES A dam. That's why. Politics aren't his reason city hall won't fix the jail const funds embezzled and city hall is about to crumble to the ground. These city government people don't own it. Taxpayers do. They are no better than the homeless who are destroying hotel rooms at OUR expense.

  13. Im not Slyyyy

  14. Libarilism!! Interracial relations!!! Progress!!!!

    There you go had to make sure you fucktards had sumn to be angry about before you go back to your mamas basement and resume your pathetic life. Fucking dip shit racist mafuckas. EASTSIDE up hoe.


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