City Of Fountains FAIL Amid Busted Budget

Here's a reminder of local priorities shifting away from tourism and neighborhood services as the mayor and council continue to dedicate cash to social justice.

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Kansas City's Fountain Day delayed due to budget cuts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The wait for the city's annual Fountain Day celebrations will go awhile longer. Most of the city's 48 fountains have not been powered up for the year - a result of budget cuts across the board. Fountain Day usually happens in mid-April, but this year, the observance will happen in May, [...]


  1. What happened to the $195 million dollars sleepy joe and his hoe gave the city?

    Did mayor mckneely give it all to the homeless like the dumbass that he is?

    Wait a minute, I don’t want to pay my house payment or bills, hey mayor give me some money too!

  2. because you squandered your funds on things that cater to only a few rather than keeping the city at its finest, otherwise drop the city of fountains moniker!!!!!!


  3. Well stop wasting money on homeless people in hotels and BLM crap that shows KC's horrible racist hatred. Stop running off successful business people who support the city. Stop painting bike lanes on the streets when the streets can't even handle the traffic it has. Stop changing street names when it's irrelevant, only to show black power.

  4. Need that money to waste at 18th & Vine

  5. Such horseshit. My dad and me loved the fountains and we built our lives around kc. Hurry up be on time. Get the fountains on.

  6. Turn all the fountains off. They waste energy and the water bills are too not call them fountains, they will be call sculptures.

  7. And the Fountains sprayed Rainbow waters for 40 day and night. Followed by Black for the same amount. Certainly not from the blood of those innocent white families tossed in the Fountains by black youths. Was that the beginning of the black live matter protest in KC ? Or did we chalk that up to they accidently fell in and called the black kids names ( certainly KC star version of Slavery caused actions ). Which also made them shoot each other on separate occasions. My how we forget the real Plaza and the real problem.

  8. Northlander4/11/21, 9:30 AM

    And yet they give free riders on the streetcar

  9. Why don't the budget cuts force the reduction or worthless non-productive employees of the City (about 30%). Oh, that might hurt at election time! It should also include about half the City Council.


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