Chip Crisis Continues In Kansas City

Cowtown impact of a global trend . . .

FT: Computer chip shortage, corporate America caught between US and China

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Chip shortage forces GM, Ford to cut production, including at Kansas City plants

by: AP Wire Posted: / Updated: DETROIT - The global shortage of semiconductors has forced General Motors and Ford to further cut production at their North American factories, including in the Kansas City area, as chip supplies seem to be growing tighter. The shutdowns likely will crimp dealer inventory of vehicles made at the plants.


  1. We need to break this love/hate relationship off with a country that's military considers us an enemy. How stupid is that ?

  2. Thank you Donald Trump for pissing off the Country we are forced to depend on so much since Ronald Reagan exported all our technology Manufacturing jobs to there.

    Well played!
    Guess you showed the Republicans what a RINO Reagan was!
    And Bush, and Bush, and Nixon/Ford, and Lincoln as well.
    RINOs all - Only you, Trump, have even been a "True" Republican
    (since you stopped claiming to be a Democrat)!

  3. Wall Street got behind Basement Biden because they knew he'd look the other way when they wanted to use cheap overseas labor. That's a fact that was reported by numerous outlets before the election.


  4. Beijing Bidet will sell America out to his Chinese masters.


  5. Democrap greedy UAW slobs scamming American consumers for full pay while sitting around their fancy houses..smoking crack..

  6. Byron Funkhouser4/10/21, 9:40 PM

    Ah yes! Isn't the Biden economy great?

  7. China has us by the balls once again. And you wonder where the problem is. 1 ) consumers by Communist shit via their non stop demands and 2 ) China takes all our money and build the largest super power... 3 ) Put a fork in America, we did it to ourselves. Now name one Americoon that isn't dependent on China , name one person in China that needs us to survive. Your house is filled with Chinese shit, the device you are reading this on is Chinese shit. The difference.


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