Chiefs Fan Tribute To Fred Arbanas

Posted because I like the photo they found and this offers a glimpse at his Super Bowl winning career:

Chiefs tight end and local politician Fred Arbanas dead at 82

Former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Fred Arbanas - a key player in three of the franchise's most historic games and an influential local politician - has died. He was 82. His death was announced by the Jackson County Democratic Party on Saturday.


  1. Where's Weird Guy calling Arbanas a Geezer or a Boomer? He must be somewhere licking his cat's azz. Weird.

  2. Too many knocks to the skull on the gridiron will make you a Libtard and lose all logical-thinking skills.

  3. May we call you Lurch? Your photo alone is scaring people from reading anything you write.

  4. Fred broke his cheek bone in an old AFL game. They fitted a unique cheek protecting face mask for him. Some Chiefs helmet trivia for ya all.

    1. ^^^^ Opps my bad it was Curtis McClinton that had the crazy face guard. Google it.
      RIP Fred !!!!!

  5. The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.

    Fred is now a good one!


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