Celebrate Kansas City Journalism New Hotness: Progressive Gringa Latina

There are a bevy of lady media personalities flexing their Latina credentials as of late given that blonde news hotties are sadly out of favor in MSM circles.

Their stories mostly revolve around food and/or feeling alienated in school.

A welcomed spin on this savory bit of virtue signaling, there's a pretty decent recipe worth stealing in this missive and as a fair exchange for what might not be cultural appropriation but is an otherwise tacky column that feels like it needs a soft flamenco guitar soundtrack:

How cooking my mother's rice gave me my name back

Food writer Natalie Torres Gallagher found herself thinking deeply about her own identity while cooking her late mother's rice for her family during the pandemic.There's a line in the iconic film Selena when Edward James Olmos, who plays Selena's father, is in the driver's seat of the tour bus, careening down the highway.


  1. Nice Mexican Rice recipe. Dos Hermano is my favorite food truck at Benton and Indy Blvd. Open all night!


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