Cameras Will Record Kylr Yust Murder Trial As Defense Now Blame Dead Half-Brother

This morning the defense switched up their strategy and now wants to blame a dead half-brother.

Moreover, TV cameras will be allowed to document the legal showdown.

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Kylr Yust trial: Judge allows camera in courtroom to record proceedings

A judge ruled Monday he will allow a camera to record the murder trial of Kylr Yust, the man accused of killing two women and leaving their bodies in a Cass County, Missouri, farm field.The ruling by Cass County Judge William Collins was the first major decision of the trial that started Monday, nearly 14 years after the disappearance of one of the women.


  1. Lawyers are strange beings. How do they defend this excrement? Especially rather high-power ones? I'm actually pretty concerned those yahoos are handling a trial like that in-house. Collins' experience is rip-off traffic tickets and screwing over Dads in divorces.

  2. Take this piece of shit out before dinner today and hang him in a tree.

  3. Blame the dead, last trick of a scum ball lawyer.

  4. can't wait to read about him getting killed in jail suffocating on a giant black member


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