Britt Reid Wrist Slap Already Underway?!?

The former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach earns more scrutiny as DWI laws confront scrutiny from social media pundits.

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Britt Reid is facing seven years for DWI charge. Is it enough?

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- On Monday, Britt Reid was charged with Driving While Intoxicated-Resulting in Serious Physical Injury. According to court documents, his blood alcohol content was .113, two hours after the crash. He is facing seven years in prison if convicted. The mother of young Ariel says that is not enough time.


  1. He should be treated as everyone else and if he is he will get Diversion and off he goes.....of course lighter in the pocketbook

  2. He will get diversion and move to Florida. Already a done deal.

  3. Is it enough? No. But he’s white, rich guy living the dream and fits the profile for “how to get away with murder” in this country. So... there’s that.

  4. If the child victim will have a lifetime of problems because of his actions, no, it's not enough.

  5. He should pay all of her bills for life

  6. has the judge been assigned yet?

    if he gets judge torrance, maybe he will just get probation.

    that's what judge torrance gave a kid about ten years ago who drunk driving crashed into a homeless man pedestrian and almost killed him, had to have a leg amputated.

    that kid got probation.

    judge torrance did that. he was just retained in november elections. jackson county circuit judge. and so it goes.


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