Britt Reid Will Likely Earn A Deal

Old school Kansas City newsman Jimmy C offers a review of recent news and a very apt prediction about the dearth of consequences that actually confront the former Kansas City Chiefs coach given his Super Bowl winning daddy.

We tend to agree with this expert opinion and his experience covering local court disappointments.

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.11 and 83

The numbers tell us just about everything we need to know about Britt Reid's awful tailspin back into bad judgment and brain-clouded driving. Reid was driving 83 miles an hour -- 18 miles an hour over the speed limit -- when he crashed into two cars stopped in the emergency lane when he was preparing...


  1. on one hand I hate to see this shit happen, but on the other hand I love watching mean jean fail. Tough call

  2. judge Torrance gave probation to a kid who drunk drove and hit a bum causing horrific injuries including loss of a leg. judge Torrance did that, jackson county circuit judge, he was just retained in the november elections.

    so anyway, if you are a rich kid who drives drunk and hits a pedestrian in jackson county and takes off his leg, well, judge torrance gives you probation.

    sometimes legal eagles contribute to this blog. maybe someone remembers that case.

  3. Brit Reid is one ugly dude.

    Ugly as Prince Harry-Ass


  4. I agree Reid has been hit with the ugly stick just like Mahomes has. You can tell the guy is not all there just by looking at him. Lets get him in prison for a long time and because that little girl has not recovered yet. If anything bad should happen to her, because she is still not eating solid food, lets put Reid on death row.

  5. ^^There is no "lets"(it's let's BTW. Dummy). You ignorant gerri, only you. We don't care. We have lives.

  6. Deal is done. Bribe accepted....probation, he moves to Florida


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