Blue Valley School Board Keeps COVID Mask Orders Despite Parent Outcry

The results of a scientific debate in the Golden Ghetto reveal that Johnson County elected officials remain unconvinced by the political advocacy of suburbanite plebs.

Review the findings here . . .

Blue Valley school board votes to keep mask requirement after parent challenges

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Blue Valley School District board unanimously voted Thursday night to keep its face mask requirement after parents' challenges forced a hearing on the matter. Under the newly enacted Kansas Senate Bill 40, Blue Valley was required to hear parents' arguments to the mask requirement and make a ruling.


  1. There is more than enough scientific evidence to prove the mask do nothing to stop the spread. If a rich supposedly educated school district cannot accept that we are in for along slow return to sanity.

  2. ^^^ Be sure to tell your doctor to not wear a mask during your next medical procedure. Since "supposed" educated medical knowledge about germs aren't convincing, don't bother with washing up or using gloves either.

    Flat earthers like the ilk here will be the death of this country.

  3. Texas is doing really well since dropping all covid nonsense.

  4. You would think a country and a citizenry that has as much access to information would not be so uninformed. It is amazing that a piece of cloth has become so controversial. You want to see how sensible leaders and citizens handle health crisis look at Australia and New Zealand they are completely mask free since they adopted mask usage when there was the need. Stop whining.

  5. Whaaa!! I don't want to wear a mask to protect others!!! Whaaaa!!! I don't believe in science cause I read it somewhere!!! Whaaa!!!!You can't fool us with all your scientific evidence!!! Whaaa!!! COVID isn't real anyway!!! Whaaaa!!!!

  6. ^^ North Carolina did a study of 100,000 school students for a period of months. 32 cases of covid and NOT one case of a teacher getting virus from a student. Care to argue more facts or are your feeeeeeeelings still hurt?

  7. ^Whaaa!! I read something that disproves facts!!! Whaaa!! Everything I read is right!!! Whaaa!! I only read things that align with my point of view!!! Whaaa!!!! Facts are what I say they are!!!!! Whaaa!! Anything disproving my facts is a lie!!! Whaaa!!!!!!

    1. Don't lose it now, Dr. Chimpy! Give us those monkey facts! You're hilarious when you do!


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