Blue Valley Parents Fight COVID Masks

A glimpse at suburban frustration with COVID pandemic protocols for school reopen.

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Blue Valley School Board to reconsider mask requirement

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- The Blue Valley School District will reconsider its mask requirement at a School Board hearing next week, the Blue Valley Board of Education said to parents in a letter Thursday night. The letter states that the meeting, set for next Tuesday, is at the request of a district parent challenging the mask mandate at Blue Valley schools.


  1. Topeka Reader4/2/21, 9:15 PM

    Here's an idea if certain parents or kids don't want to wear a mask in school fine. But, if an unmasked student brings COVID-19 into school and infects anyone in school I say the infected students and staff should be able to sue the COVID-19 spreader in court and receive financial damages from the spreader and the parents of the spreader.

  2. Wrong. If you don't want COVID, YOU wear the mask or get the vaccine. Let everyone else live free.

  3. I'm wearing a mask

    fuck these little disease spreading suburban brats

  4. Biden voting fuck tards get a vaccine and stop worrying about what others do. If you got the vaccine why the fuck would you care if others dont wear a mask that has NEVER been scientifically proven ( there are NO PUBLISHED per reviewed studies that show effectiveness of the masks cloth or N95. Why get a vaccine or wear a mask for a CHINA MADE virus that has a 99.7 % survival rate. What you want to get us to 99.8.

  5. 8:19 I assume you would be perfectly all right with getting operated in a hospital where all doctors and nurses do not wear masks. You would also per perfectly fine with food prep workers not wearing gloves, hairnets etc. too right.

  6. Coronabros and their uniforms!

  7. 8:47 hospital mask are to keep shit larger then a flu virus from getting in open wounds DIPSSHIT. Food works same thing DUMB ASS

  8. hey 8:47 guess where covid spread the fastest. HOSPITALS. Tell me again how great the masks worked.

  9. Stupid is spreading faster than Covid....fuck masks


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