Blue Springs Stays Winning Amazon Jobs

The pay is pretty good, the benefits are better than most. Moreover, peeing in a bottle is one of the least degrading tasks required of most metro workers on the low end.

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Amazon to open new delivery center in Blue Springs by end of 2021

A new Amazon delivery center is planned for Blue Springs, the city and online retail giant announced Friday. The delivery center will be located in the former Haldex facility, a 70,000-square-foot building at 2400 N.E. Coronado Drive, which has been empty since the end of 2019.


  1. Another major business avoiding kc like the plague! Freakin hilarious that blue springs can land a major business over killa kc! Hahahahaha!

  2. Watch out for yellow water filled bottles all over the roads.


  3. Props to the Amazon workers in 'Bama..who told the greedy Democrap Union pimps to GFY! ..voted their union scam down by a 2-1 margin!

  4. Blue Springs traffic is already unbearable without this adding to it.


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