Blogging Kansas City Low Turnout Voting

Kansas City voters basically ignored last week's election. For people who don't plan in raising a family in this town's it's not a big deal. If/when things really get bad. A quick move is always an option.

However, cowtown lifers have the right to be cynical.

Accordingly, this round-up of recent school board voting and E-tax renewal deserves a look:

The Children Lost

Recently I was getting ready to pitch my political mailings for last week's election and noticed one that said the April 6 election was "the biggest election in Kansas City this year". Of course, it was talking about the E-tax which just goes to show how much importance this city places on education.


  1. The Children always lose when democrats and unions control schools.

  2. The democrats don't want children to be educated or they would understand what a bunch of crap that democrat policies are.

  3. ^^OK Maude. Please send proof of this, otherwise shut the fuck up.

    1. You know all about proof Dr. Chimpy! Bwawahaha!

  4. Really? You guys are worried about Democrats but think Freedom, Inc. is okay?

  5. Are public school children at school or at home? Private and charter schools children at school learning.

  6. It doesn't really matter where the children are. According to this blog Freedom, Inc. now has a majority on the school board and it's the school board that runs the district.

  7. So is Clinton Adams going to be their new attorney?

  8. ^^ what the dead didn't come out and vote for this one, Oh the dead only vote for big dem tickets. Got it.

  9. I would say that the children may have a chance because the people that failed to fix KCPS lost the election. This article is just sour grapes.


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