Bipartisan Rebuke Against COVID Vaccine Passports From Both Missouri & Kansas

The heartland rejects an idea for one of the strictest restrictions of movement against Americans in our nation's history.

Considering that international travelers likely wouldn't have to meet these same requirements, the rejection is understandable.

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Gov. Parson, Gov. Kelly don't support vaccine passports in Missouri, Kansas

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Governors in both Missouri and Kansas aren't throwing any support behind the idea of vaccine passports in their states. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson made his position on a vaccine passport crystal clear. A message he posted to Twitter and Facebook Monday is going viral.


  1. You mean bowl head Kelly doesn't support the totalitarian passport? Now that's a shocker.

    Has anyone done their research on the Ukraine and Russia? The president of the Ukraine signed a declaration of war with Russia March 24 2021. 200k troops on the border of each country. Do you know what that means? They say we have a month or two and we will be in ww3. Do you know who helped stir this up? Barack Obama Joe Biden and John McCain when they told the people in the Ukraine to form a coup and overthrow the Gov.


  2. Oh and I almost forgot Iran is involved now too. They unveiled their NEW missiles and are ready to fight with Russia.

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