Bike/Walk KC Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

This local special interest hit critical mass with the election of one of their most strident supporters to Council. 

However, quite a few urban neighbors turned on cycling planners/consultants after a disaster on Armour Blvd.

Still the group continues to fight for more resources and champion the cause of cyclists and pedestrian.

Check their April anniversary statement . . .

What do you do when your city is named the worst bicycling city in America? You create solutions for the problem.

The beginnings of BikeWalkKC go back to 2008 when the BBC came to town. Kansas City had just ranked dead last in the League of American Bicyclists' list of bike friendly cities. The BBC wanted to know what it was like to bicycle in the worst cycling city in America, so they came to Kansas City and did a half-hour radio documentary .



  2. Are they still pursuing their false idea that walking is illegal ?

  3. ERECT BUNCH4/6/21, 12:57 AM

    Luv my Spandex. So snug around my little balls.

  4. Most of the CHUDS in this town are too fat to even be able to throw a leg over a bike let alone ride one.

    Fat sloppy and goddamned proud of it... that's KC.

    1. Biden's 2 Aneurysms4/6/21, 10:07 AM

      2:23 is a RACIST.

      "About 4 out of 5 African American women are overweight or obese. In 2018, non-Hispanic blacks were 1.3 times more likely to be obese as compared to non-Hispanic whites."

      "Among Hispanic American women, 78.8 percent are overweight or obese, as compared to 64 percent of non-Hispanic white women. In 2018, Hispanic Americans were 1.2 times more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic whites."

      Democrats inspired European fascists. FDR sent his agents to work with and study from Mussolini and progressive Dems created concentration camps for minorities in both World wars.

      Progressives' eugenics campaigns have always targeted minorities and you can see from the data above why they claim superiority. Anyone not in their ubermensch image is to be eliminated.

      But before they're eliminated, they have to be dehumanized and demoralized with insults like this.

  5. What do you do? You become the most silly and annoying single issue voters in the history of mankind.


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