After Crash With Former Kansas City Chiefs Coach Britt Reid, Youngster Girl Going Home Without Ability To Speak Or Walk

Reality check: The 6-year-old victim of this crash will likely never be ambulatory again and talk of "recovery" is hopeful but unlikely.

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'At home recovering:' 5-year-old girl critically injured in Britt Reid crash out of hospital

tonight the Jackson County prosecuting attorney's office has charged Britt Reid son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid with driving while intoxicated a Class D felony with a potential jail sentence of 1 to 7 years.


  1. She can't speak walk or eat. She has feeding tubes. I blame all the chiefs and NFL for this too. Patrick Mahomes showed his drunkenness at the parade and they set the example for a lot of people. Sleep well chiefs this will come around to you and your kids. It should have been one of their kids.

    BTW didn't Reid's other son die of a drug overdose? Tells ya what kind of a effed up family they are. No Good Son of a bitches.

  2. ^^^ A person without sin casting stones?

  3. @12:49Pm I blame you for being a miserable, no-good ,son of a bitch. What kind of "effed" up geezer spends his lonely days talking about the misfortunes of others?

  4. 12:49 is right. Mahomes, Kelce etc. were publicly displaying their drunkeness at the Super Bowl parade like high school boys and Brit Reid horribly maims a little girl with his drunken driving.

    The Kansas City Chiefs culture is corrupt promoting substance abuse.

    Clark Hunt will do anything for a dollar and doesn't care how his team impacts Kansas City as he lives in Dallas. Hunt's brother molested his disabled sister-in-law which tells you how morally corrupt the family is.

    Fat Andy and Clark Hunt do support Marxism and disrespecting our flag and veterans.

  5. The Chiefs demonstrated where their loyalties lie, last year. They want to support BLM and black thugs, they can shove off. We are lucky we saw a Super Bowl championship, when we did. As for Reid having some drinks, after work, that was his choice, not the Chiefs. I don’t hold Andy Reid, or the Chiefs responsible, although they have, permanently alienated fans. It’s Britt Reid’s problem and he will pay for his bad decision.

  6. ^^and yet they didn't alienate any fan who really matters. Weird.

  7. You and your BLM cronies will, undoubtedly fill seats and support them. Apparently, that’s their new market. Weird.


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