Advocates Against Youngster Abuse Demand Kansas City Catholic Church Expose Creeper Allegations Against Dead Priests

Here's a peek at the fight for justice from beyond the grave as the shameful legacy of cleric coverups continues to haunt an embattled faith community.

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Local group says Catholic Church should publicly name priests accused of being predators

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local support group applauds the Missouri Supreme Court over a new law, but it wants more from the Catholic Church. SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, wants the bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph to add four names to the list of accused clergy.


  1. The Catholic Church may look like a true path to heaven for some - but its a portal to hell for any that follow it completely. You cannot save yourself and "work" your own way to having your sins forgiven, in purgatory or by doing good deeds on earth. You cannot redeeem yourself. Mary is a deceased Jewish woman who never heard the word "Pope" or "Catholic" - she can't hear your prayers. She is in the grave. A priest can not forgive you of sins. Only God can forgive you - because you actually sin against God in the end. So only God has the right to forgive you or not. People turn to anything but God. Pray to anything but God (Mary, Saints, Idols). Catholics are fools!

  2. ^^God just told me you're going to hell for being a judgmental prick and pretending to know his will. Oops. Bye bye now.

  3. About 1/4 of the New Testament explains exactly who is going to hell. In very great detail. ITS NO MYSTERY. It does that so people can realize that themselves. And do something about it. Based on God's iron clad, set in cement description of who is going to Hell, its pretty easy for us (me included) to determine who those people are in our everyday lives that will end up in hell.

    You can also read EXACTLY who is going to heaven. And more Bibles have been printed that any other book. So there is no excuse for not knowing where you stand. I am not judging, but I am pointing out what God has already judged!

    I know you don't like the truth. But as far as I know, telling the truth does not make someone a bad person. Think God will judge me for repeating what he has already stated? No way jose!

  4. Let the dead bury the dead.

  5. The Bible doesn't say don't judge. It says don't judge someone for a crime you are also committing.

    We make thousands of judgements each year. its part of staying alive! People go to hell because they sin, it matters not if they are "good or bad". Good people sin and go to hell. Hell is filled with "good people" covered in their past sins which they are required to pay for themselves.

  6. That's plain fucking whack.

  7. Then you will go to hell. Have fun

  8. Accused is not convicted nor guilty. Anyone with an ex knows the difference.

  9. If someone shot your Mom dead you would want them judged and given a penalty.

    If someone walked up and put a scratch down the side of your car as you stood there you would judge them on the spot.

    What do you mean we are "not to judge"?

    I have a brain and I am not afraid to use it to analyze situations and make a judgement.

  10. Catholics do not judge. They allow priests to rape their kids. Than do nothing when its found out. Not a single parent has struck, kicked, stabbed or shot a priest that molested their kid. Catholic parents are gutless wonders.


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