About The Conversation At TKC

The comments are wide open again.

Yesterday close readers might have noticed a quick change up if only because some of our more foolish readers love to ruin my fun.

Fact is, things are changing at TKC but hopefully for the better.

As always, we advise everybody to have their fun whilst they can. 

Developing . . .


  1. In this case change can be good.

  2. ^^^


  3. you should moderate the comments to run off the jackasses who ruin the digital piazza for everyone else's use!

  4. If you leave the comment moderation on, then I won't have to check every thread to see if my stalker posted any comments under my name.

    Of course, I'm just one reader, but it would be nice, even if you don't post any of my comments.

    However, it's more work for you.

    Your blog, your call.

  5. Keep whining Byron. It's what you do best.

  6. ^^Tell us your name, so we can post disgusting comments under your name.

    I'm not the problem, you are, troll.

  7. Tuna Harris4/2/21, 3:12 PM

    Byron, why don't you just bother folks in your area. Actually, it's because they don't fucking care what you think.

    Your stupid lefty comments here, on a local blog, are somewhat like an anti-fa asshole being electronically bused in, pretending to have skin in the local game.

    Residents have a right to bitch and moan over this failing dim run shitty.

    You, however, don't! You pay no taxes here. You purchase no goods here. Your brother Mark and His wife, Mrs Mayor Gloria (who can't stand you) have long departed. So no family ties. You simply have no reason to post on here except this is the only place in the entire country who will allow you to do so.

    No denizen of the KC metro gives a shit what you have to say. Go up to Minneapolis and jerk off with the mooselimb buds.

    Even Chimpy-weird has a local zoo address. So go away.

  8. ^^^


  9. Free speech, bitches.

    I don't care what anonymous cowards think.

    If you think everyone who comments here lives in Kansas City, then you're an idiot.


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