Wall Didn't Work: Kansas City Now Hiring Workers To Process More Legal Immigrants

To be fair, rhetoric surrounding "the wall" might've been helpful in order highlight immigration as a top priority for Americans and facilitate a pathway to citizenship.

But don't count on seeing fewer Mexicans.

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500 U.S. immigration agency jobs to return to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service plans to restore 500 jobs that were cut last year in the Kansas City region. The agency, which processes immigration-related paperwork, including international adoptions, had to furlough around half its staff last year because of a sharp drop in immigration activity caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. KCK gonna need more than 50 taco stands.

  2. Plenty of illegals driving around in Olathe without insurance.... or a drivers license...... not sure how they get away with it....... trust me...... they are the parents of my students...... 😃😁😈😎

  3. All in direct correlation to the wide open, take everybody including people with covid, the drug cartels and murderers so the democrats can get more votes.

    Don’t get me started on the kids in cages, c’mon man, this is a disaster of epic proportions.

  4. Well, we all got lectured by the corpse of Joe Biden last night, so that's cool.

  5. I couldnt figure out if he looked like the weekend at Bernie’s dude or a robot, he was so intense staring at the TelePrompTer so he wouldn’t screw up a simple 19 minute speech that he had practiced for two days it was just.... awful that the demoncrap party would do that to a clearly medicated and mentally unfit old ass man that they kept up past his bedtime of 6:00.

  6. Vegas bookies had the over / under set at 19 1/2 minutes on when Joe Biden would shit his pants on national television.

    Thankfully, Joe Biden had a Depends on and was rushed to the ladies room by Dr. Jill Biden after his exhausting speech.

    Kamel Toe had to wipe Biden's ass while Dr. Jill Biden held him up.

    Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttlieg walked in offering to help just so he could stare at Biden's pecker.

    The Department of Health Secretary Transgender Freak was already in the women's rest room in the other stall.

    Marxist Democrat Party and Biden's Administration is a fucking freak show, and demented Biden doesn't even know the name his Secretary of Defense.

    Anyone who voted for Biden including dead people and the ballot harvesters should be ashamed of voting for this freak show.

  7. Did Mexico pay for the wall yet???

  8. Byron Funkhouser3/13/21, 2:02 AM

    Thank gawd they're not black. At least they TRY to find jobs

  9. The Wall DID work and was working until some moron put a stop to it.


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