Vatican Offers Kansas City Faithful Useless Gesture Moments Before Disgraced Suspected Predator Priest Bites The Dust

Local catholic connection and tonight's slap in the face targeting Catholics and their embattled, faulted, frail and all-too-human leadership . . . Read more:

Vatican defrocked Kansas City-area priest before he died

KANSAS CITY (AP) - A former Kansas City-area priest who faced multiple allegations of sexually abusing minors was officially dismissed from the priesthood by the Vatican four days before he died, church officials said. Bishop James Johnston Jr., of the Kansas City-St.


  1. If you believe in the immortality of the soul, then it is not a useless gesture.

  2. Wow, offramped so close to the pearly gates..

  3. 10:30, it wasn't useless. He got sent straight to Hell.

  4. From a distance, the Catholic Church looks like a godly path - however its the broad way to hell, the broad road described in the Bible. Purgatory, Limbo, Wafers that turn into Christ's body, buying penance, getting sins forgiven by walking thru doors of the vatican on certain dates, Priests being able to forgive sins = the path to hell. People know better and will be judged for following the Catholic church. Judged by whom? By God! If you want to end up in hell, then believe the lies of the Catholic church!

  5. for one, just to show up and confess sin to a priest in the first place takes some nerve. it is a sacrament though, may as well take advantage of it. then it's a priests job to prescribe penance based on what type of sin and hopefully offer suggestions to help down the road so that this type of thing doesn't happen again, if possible.

    people just get themselves into trouble sometimes and a priest can help going the confession route. some just need guidance and go to a confessional all the while not doing anything that warranted a confession in the first place - i guess that's alright too.

    i'll mention again like i have before - there is no hell. it's physically impossible for there to be a hell. you can believe there is one though, if it helps you do what you do to keep living.

  6. ^^^^^^

    Well Christ was a hell fire preacher and he came to save people from it. If you dont believe in hell then there is no reason for any religion to exist. No reason for the catholic church to exist or even a priest. Christ preached more about hell than any other topic. Priests can't recommend or provide a penance. You can't work your way out of a sin. You cant undo it by some act, even if good. The best person in the whole world right now will die and go to hell, even if they are good, if they have not repented and God has not forgiven them. Lots of church goers and religious leaders will be in hell, alot of good people who lived normal good lives and taught their kids to live right. If you die with your "sins on you", then you cannot go to heaven. Read God's word, or maybe you have and your calling Christ a liar. And you have made your own version of what religion is. Hell is more real than your short life on earth!

    1. If it all boils down to fear of Hell for you, you're doing it wrong.

  7. No he is not doing it wrong. Be selfish. Think ahead about your happiness. Were you are headed.

    Read the word hell and think about what it is. Consider that you may go there. If there was a chance you could go to jail, but given a way to avoid jail- wouldnt you put some effort into avoiding the jail?

    Your going to go somewhere when you die. You better think about it. Most people are too "polite" to tell you Hell exists. At least she is pointing out its a real place you could go.

  8. All religions over thousands of years believe in hell. Even ancient people that have never met each other and lived on different sides of the earth both believed in hell. I would say that the gut feel people have is based on fact and people will reep what they sow. Just as people across the world have a concious and know right from wrong, have the same rules about murder, rape, theft even if they have never met, hell is an ingrained fact.

    I think engrained there so nobody can ever say "I didnt know I would be punished for doing wrong after I died". The ignorance is no excuse stuff won't fly. After all, there is NO LAW against living a good kind life in any country. Just laws about doing wrong. And the Catholic church doesnt preach that. They allow rape and "wrong is right" to them


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