Upstart Raytown Candidate Rebukes 'Teen Bomb Threat' Smear Campaign

Social media politics from the inner-suburbs get nasty, here's a worthwhile fact check that hopes to set the record straight . . . Read more:

Raytown candidate denies allegations he was charged in teen bomb plot

RAYTOWN, Mo. - A candidate for office in Raytown says he's being falsely accused of plotting to blow up a school and courthouse as a teen. Tony Jacob is no stranger at Raytown City Hall. He's previously run for mayor and led the petition drive for an audit of the city in 2018.


  1. Rabbi Fred Neulander3/23/21, 4:14 PM

    Beyond Chutzpah ! No wonder Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries.

  2. Sounds like an Antifa Democrat to me!

  3. Is he a mongoloid ?

  4. Well... he can look straight into the camera an lie so he’s definitely political material. But one must ask, isn’t some domestic terrorism background experience something to spice up the metro news cycle?

  5. Mayor McDonough’s dirty political tricks campaign is in high gear.


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