TKC Question: Can Former Guv Colyer Beat Current Kansas Guv Kelly?!?!

Today's Sunflower State political posturing comes with help from Kansas City metro socialite Mary Eisenhower and hopes that MAGA doesn't once again thwart establishment GOP aspirations.

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Ex-Kansas Gov. Colyer signals he'll make 2022 governor bid

Colyer stopped short of formally announcing his candidacy but described philanthropist Mary Eisenhower as joining "our campaign" to be its treasurer. State law says a candidate must appoint a treasurer to accept contributions, the announcement came on "Jeff Colyer Governor" letterhead and it quoted Colyer as saying the state needs "an authentic, effective conservative."


  1. kelly has done a poor job managing corona, including vaccinations.

    she vaccinated state employees before seniors.

  2. Kansans like bland, personality-free candidates, so Kelly might win again.

    Marshall won as a generic brand.


  3. Jeff you had your chance, please go away and Republicans please find a good candidate that can be Kelly. AND PLEASE, find someone who can beat Davids!!

  4. Sure, let's run the Lt. Gov / Brownback replacement guy that couldn't beat KKKobach in the primary.

    That's the ticket!

  5. Pretty sure anyone (with the except of Kobach) can beat Granny at this point

  6. The unemployment debacle and fraud waste was monumental blunder. Bring on Mike Thompson

  7. 8:30PM, agreed, Mike would be great for Kansas!


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