MSM has mostly delivered nothing more than talking points regarding the emotional topic of youth sports and trans identity. Accordingly,  a personal perspective from Kansas City's Mayor at least challenges the party line from both sides . . . 

A comment from the KCMO earlier today . . .

"I remember competing in youth sports. I did well in some, much worse in others and can’t remember giving a darn about who beat me. Teach your kids to compete their hardest; not to blame someone else for how/why they couldn’t win."

The mayor then shared this local story that has garnered nationwide attention . . .

CBS NEWS: Missouri dad urges lawmakers not to pass student-athlete bill with moving speech about transgender daughter

The conclusion from the city hall honcho . . .

"This isn’t a dad who “went viral.” This is my friend. This is a loving parent with four children who are boys and girls and who wants his child to be able to live a good life without government—all of us—being her biggest bully. Leave kids alone."

"Let kids be kids."

More perspectives . . .

Fox News: Kansas Senate passes bill banning transgender girls on female sports teams

KCTV5: Bills aiming to ban transgender children from girls sports sparks debate among parents

Newsweek: Video of Missouri Dad's Plea to Let Trans Daughter Play Girls' Sports Viewed by Millions

You decide . . .


  1. Tkc, you should also report that the mayor was clobbered today on social media because of his postings on this topic and had to remove quite a few of his posts.

    1. ^^^


      Most of the responses were overwhelmingly negative, even some of his supporters jumped ship.

  2. There are only two genders, these idiots want the whole world to change to their needs for less than one percent of the worlds population.

    Even that idiot joe bidumb agrees with this,

  3. The Libtards love turning logical thinking into perverted thinking. They're killing the athletic dreams of millions of biological females and they don't give a sh*t about that. The Libtard media helps them with the perversion. All this twisted biology while America has become the only country without borders, thanks to Basement Biden.

  4. "Teach your kids to compete their hardest; not to blame someone else for how/why they couldn’t win."

    That's the ideocracy in all of this. NO ONE is blaming anyone you idiot! All anyone wants is just a level playing field when it comes to sports.

    What's wrong with that? It's the reason why we have age groups for sports, etc. Boys & Girls teams. Men & Women teams. I guess I'll take my go cart out to the NASCAR track and try not to blame them why I couldn't win. Here's a thought; make your own transgender team! Win win!

  5. Just make a freak league for these misfit Karen's. It will take entire large city to have enough Trannies to make a team. They can then travel to other major cities to play to no crowds at the expense of their parents and days away from class. So they will end of stupid broke freaks !!!

  6. The Mayor should just worry about KC's issues, like the murder and the Quintonville in Wesport.

  7. Of course the drunken piece of shit said that.

  8. I'm sure that fag mayor loves the young "tuckers"

    tucker = cock tucker


    It's his fault the Chiefs lost after running off at the mouth about not allowing a parade. loser

  9. Sorry Missouri Dad, you don't have a "Trans daughter"

    You have a faggot son who dresses up like a woman

  10. Mayor Q should stick to worrying about KC's issues such as murder and homelessness.

  11. No matter what the rationale the issue is Genetic Males competing with Genetic Females. Follow the science not the feeeeelings!

    The world cannot change nor compensate for (respectfully) freaks of nature when it comes to genetics no matter the extreme individual alterations. It is undeniably unfortunate for the individual that has a true abnormality. (Yes, abnormality which should not be normalized no matter the muster of celebrity, polictics, social media, etc..)

    This is a growing popular wave of deviant Du Jour. The vast majority of allegedly young Trans maybe grossly due to the manipulation of radically woke parents and other woke enablers.
    This should be an "ism" to be urgently resisted to protect all children under the age of of majority. Dalton

  12. Q will weigh in on any thing to avoid talking about his historic shooting and murder numbers.

    Trans ppl just being their true selves by taking drugs and mutilating their genetales.

  13. Smear the queer just took on a new meaning......

  14. There ought to be a rule that the so-called mayor of Kansas City is not allowed to speak on subjects unrelated to his job as mayor until all the potholes in KC are filled. Demonstrate minimal competence in one area before moving onto another.


    Q: Why does Quinton Lucas think it appropriate or necessary to opine on an issue that has NOTHING to do with municipal management?

    A: Narcissistic Personality Disorder!!!

  16. Mayor McDrinkerson! Could you take a break from your inebriated social media postings, self-promotion, and virtue signaling to, you know, govern or at least appear to?

    Who am I kidding? Hangovers are brutal, he's not awake yet.

  17. This reminds me, I need to get those pics of the maskless marauder to Fox News. I’ve been meaning to send those.


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