There Is Nothing Kansas City Won't Complain About: Tornado Drill Crisis

Today's cowtown glimpse into human nature and the decline of Western Civilization . . .

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KMBC: Criticism surrounds lack of 'drill' messaging for severe weather emergency alert Tuesday

Fox4: National Weather Service - Tornado Warning text in Missouri, Kansas was false alarm

KMBC: Tornado sirens failed to activate in Johnson County during statewide drill

KSHB: Tornado drills in Kansas, Missouri identify errors

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  1. Civil Defense/Tornado Sirens have been tested at 11 am the first Wednesday of every month for many many years. Why is this month different?

  2. Apparently they tested the whole system.
    BUT the phone alert appeared to be a real alert. Had no disclaimer as being a test like was stated on the weather radios that went off.

    No matter the excuse was that it was reported in advance on TV. They could have easily either modified the warning message as a test or have a message that a test would be upcoming shortly.

  3. Libtards were shitting their pants today! Effing dumbasses, everybody knew this test was gonna happen except left wing nut jobs! Lmao!

  4. The commie red Star had no information, that I could find, about the test.

  5. ^^OK pops. Get this...there is no news in newspapers. How come you don't know this and why are you still reading it? Old people, so lame!

  6. Couldn’t they have tested the whole system on the first Wednesday of the month at 11 am?

  7. This was reported to death on TV, online, and in the papers over the past week.

    People are locked to their phones 24/7. I can only assume that they're so busy keeping up with the Kardashians (or getting triggered by Dr. Seuss) that they ignore any and all day-to-day events.

  8. No one trusts the Libtards' fake news, anyway. The problem was that they didn't text or email that a test was coming until after the test. Their timing was as bad as when Basement Biden decided his brain was ready for one last try at the presidency and making good decisions for Americans.

  9. ^^and only repubturd geezers are crying about it. Weird.

  10. I turned off my phone alerts a long time ago. Got real tired of missing child amber alerts every time there was a child custody dispute. Cops need to learn about crying wolf.

  11. Tuna Harris3/2/21, 5:23 PM

    Even black pussy ^^Chimpy knew he could come out of his momma's basement.

  12. Myballzitch3/2/21, 5:24 PM

    This is what to expect when Chinese parts are used in the infrastructure.


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