The Spott Still Teasing Kansas City Reopen

Local swingers are still locked down amid ongoing COVID restrictions.

And whilst Kansas City plague numbers continue to plunge, there's still a need for public health precautions.

Similarly and because we respect all manner of sexy party people like the bawdy pr0n stars featured in the top photo all the way down to local "lifestyle" enthusiasts . . . 

Swingers at The Spott in unincorporated Jackson County remain temporarily closed but hope and hint at a reopening announcement in the very near future.

For tonight that'll have to suffice as good news and one more reminder that this cowtown actually has a pretty high tolerance for germs and risky behavior.

Be safe. Wear two masks, a condom and comfy shoes . . . Because we want our readers to enjoy good times responsibly.

Hopefully, we'll have more news, jokes, stories and good stuff for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Actually, swinging remains one of the last interesting pastimes that covid has helped.

    Good times.

    1. ^^^

      Keep exercising that imagination. You'll get there some day!

  2. They say 5% of the population drink over 50% of the alcohol. Back in my day it was 4%.

  3. Just what we need during the hoax pandemic, herpes sores the size of sand traps, and some new videos of your wife on youtube.

    If this is the only way you can keep hair from growing on the palms of your hands, kill yourself.

  4. The spot was ruined when it got infested with the violent murderous blacks

  5. It's a good name for it. You'll end up with sports, and sores, and a scabie or two.

  6. Ummm, one night with Venus...and a thousand days with Mercury. An old maxim from the 1800's still true today, except mercury compounds aren't used as "pipe cleaners" any more.


    Romy and Michele got picked on once more at the high school reunion by cheerleader Christie!!!

  8. Keep it in your pants unless you are servicing your wife and you will be much happier in life. This is vile.

  9. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

  10. "Vile".... yes.
    Helluva a lot of fun....You betcha!
    Met my 3rd and 7th wife there.

  11. Great news as the gay BJ pivot man has somewhere to go and not post about old geezer crap, poking someone's ole lady or talking about the dirty panties he finds in the YMCA trash and homeless camps.

  12. Wonder if "Jack and Tina" will be there at reopening? Nikki, will you be there?

  13. SPOTT: Please add an early bird session for the over 60 crowd. They're usually getting ready for bed at 8:30 pm.

  14. ^No. White Geezer men are horrible. They can't fuck, and their women are already here. Nightly. There is no Monday night spin class @12:14PM. Hate to break it to you.

  15. Go back to your kiddie porn Chimpy.

  16. ^Nah, I'll go back to fucking your wives though grampy.

  17. Went there with buddy and 2 girls. Nice place. Great dance music. the rooms by the front had black leather couches and tv porn. Owner got mad at me and said he might have to ask me to leave. At midnight, the new girls get whip cream and the girl in front of me bent over and i rubbed her spot. She got mad. Owner said I should not talk with women unless I have another woman
    with me. I said "Man this is a swingers's not like there's a bunch of nuns out here!!!!! Nice looking women but best part is you bring your own booze...drink up. Disco lights...friendly people....can't wait to get back. I I remember the spirit of 76 club up at old sheraton by the airport. Now that was fun. They would have a buffet dinner and dancing downstairs so you could pick your partner. Then upstairs was the action. Swingers were everywhere. I had a girl give me hummer while her husband tracked down my date. Wowwwwww!!!!!


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