The Pitch Hopes In Vain To Flip Missouri Blue

In order to survive Kansas City hipsters have been forced to help publish Democratic Party talking points.

To be fair, we've all got to do what it takes to keep the lights on . . . And it's not always pretty.

Nevertheless, this bit of promo offers a hopeful if unlikely scenario that believes voter turnout will turn this decidedly red state into a place where the Democratic Party is competitive. 

Whilst Missouri has union roots and was once closely aligned with labor which helped Democratic Party keep control into the 90s . . . Demographic trends don't yet foretell a cultural shift that will inspire a blue wave given that not even widespread animus (ewwwww) against Prez Trump helped progressives gain ground in the 2020 election cycle. 

Here's the pitch . . .

New Missouri Project aims to replicate Georgia's successful voter engagement initiatives

Courtesy of New Missouri Project A new organization is working to build a more representative Missouri. The New Missouri Project, launched March 2, aims to register, empower, engage, and educate Missouri voters about what's happening in the state so that more people have a say in how the state operates.


  1. if I croak before 2024..hope it's in Georgia..means I can still vote!

  2. ^^^ Lulz.

  3. They are a little early for a April Fools joke.

  4. Success like GA, Hmmm voter fraud is now the dem prefered way of winning and platform.

  5. The Libtards know they can only win when they mess with voting integrity -- like ballot harvesting, ballots mailed to every registered voter (many dead or have moved), throwing away ballots for the opposing candidate, creating ballots to run through machines several times, etc.

  6. Republicans did what Saddam Hussein and Bin Lauden never accomplished - they attacked the Capital and got inside to search and try and kill lawmakers.

    OUTLAW MAGA and the Republicans! Blue party = terrorism!

    1. Conspiracy nonsense. You're a joke.

  7. Byron Funkhouser3/6/21, 12:52 AM

    Couple of real sweethearts there!

  8. Yeah. Good luck with that especially after this disaster of and admin!

  9. Topeka Reader3/6/21, 1:36 AM

    And yet 11:39 in Georgia it is a completely Republican election system that is set up from a Republican Governor and a Republican Secretary of State and Republican legislature so I guess Republicans are part of the voter fraud weird.

  10. Yet it was democrats in Fulton County caught on video kicking everyone out because of a lie about a broken water main then 4 democrats pulling hidden fake ballots out from under a table and running them through the counters 3X.

    Then miraculously biden gets 100,000 votes all for biden.

    Election was a farce, trump was an independent not beholden to the establishment and establishment repubs were just as eager to get him out because he was interfering with their graft, corruption, and intentional incompetence.

  11. 1:36...Stacy Abrams is not a Republican. Dope

  12. Folks like this and a rag like "The Pitch" aren't going to accomplish the kind of voter registration and turn-out that took place in Georgia.
    The demographics are different n Missouri and the reality in which that took place has already changed.
    But most of all, what was done in Georgia took years of organization and hard work.
    Big announcements and "looking for funding" isn't going to accomplish squat.
    Just another couple of social media "celebrities".

  13. Topeka Reader3/6/21, 6:49 PM

    So Oswald what office is Stacy Abrams in charge of again?


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