Talker Fears Eric Greitens Campaign For Senate As Todd Akin 2.0

An apropos comparison remembers a tragic "legitimate rape" comment that tanked a Missouri politico's career.

However . . . 

Our conservative pals don't realize the ANY MISSOURI CANDIDATE will confront an onslaught from national media. There isn't really a "safe" choice and we fear that all of the other candidates aren't just empty suits but so boring that they risk putting their constituents to sleep. 

On the bright side . . . The Missouri Democratic Party bench is equally pathetic.

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Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens tangles with Hugh Hewitt in testy interview

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens faced a grilling from conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in an interview Wednesday that devolved into a testy exchange after questions about allegations of sexual misconduct and blackmail.


  1. I saw Greiten's announcement yesterday and he is very charismatic. But, his baggage will cost the republicans a seat if they don't defeat him in the primary.

    Once again this is a politicians arrogance showing when they try to come back from their own mis-steps. Greiten would do well to withdraw and lay low, but sadly his ego won't allow it.

  2. That's okay, the Country needs as many Democrats in the Senate as it can get, an 85-15 split seems about right so we can get this Country back on its feet.

  3. Dimwits are so stupid, if they think greitens is the only hope they have then they’re in worse shape than we could possibly have hoped for!

    Don’t fall for the dimwit news media and their fake news and lies, it won’t work in Missouri, people here are way to smart, you’ll get your usual loser votes in kc, Stl, and Columbia with maybe a close call in Springfield. You losers will nevar win in mighty mo! Hahahahaha!

  4. 6:40...the Democrats are not capable of getting the country back on its feet. Look at the disgusting state of almost every Democrat run city. Including Kansas City. Quit be a sap, 6:40.

  5. The Missouri Democratic bench isn't pathetic.
    It's non-existent.
    The Dems will probably go with the most "woke" whack job they can find. Most likely from St Louis.
    And in 2022 Missouri will again go statewide for pretty much any Republican.
    All entertainment, all the time.

  6. he is not akin! go greitens!


  7. The only blackmail that went on was the Kim Gardner set up to take Greitens down. Kim Gardner is an ANTIFA member and they are the same people who set up the Capitol riot.

  8. Greitens is bad news for the Republican Party.

    Women will not vote for him. He cheated on his wife by tying some wacky skank beautician up in his basement.

    Anybody but Greitens; he would be the next Todd Akin.

  9. The Libtards keep ruining once-great American cities. Seattle, Portland, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and many others are all going downhill fast. The Demoncraps are incapable of bringing back the joy of living in their sh*t-run cities.

  10. ^^and yet those are fantastic cities. Better for never having people like you visit them. Weird.

  11. Greitens will not be running against a sitting Democrat Senator with high name recognition like Akins did. Women voted for Trump despite his record of infidelities. Of course they will vote for Greitens if he stands against the rot in DC and the old way of doing things which is to surrender and retreat rather than confront the barbarian hordes.

  12. anything but todd akin, VOTE GREITENS!!!

  13. off the stage, please, jerk.

  14. greitens can do a lot more chin ups than tod akin ever could


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