Suspected DUI Dood Kansas State Senator Sen. Gene Suellentrop Surrenders

Outcry over alleged hypocrisy echoed from both sides of the aisle.

Here's a step in the right direction as charges have been filed . . . Read more:

Kansas Senate Republican turns self in on felony charge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The no. 2-ranking Republican in the Kansas Senate turned himself into the Shawnee County, Kansas, jail Friday after he was charged with several crimes, including felony eluding of police. Shawnee County District Attorney Michael F. Kagay Friday charged Sen.


  1. Drunk charged with driving while intoxicated, fleeing and elucing from a duly sworn police officer after being stopped, evading arrest, speeding, wrong way on an interstate. Cash bond $5,000. Should have stayed in Colwich.

  2. Standard flyover country doughboy face.

  3. You've got to be more than a little messed up to drive the wrong way on the interstate. He should have just stayed drunk in his car, like Mayor Lucas.

    Kansas and Missouri really have some fine and upstanding "leaders."

  4. It's amazing how much news coverage a Republican with an offense can get when compared to the immense destruction a Demoncrap does to the country and coverage is nonexistent or scant.

    1. Cuomo ring a bell retaRd?

  5. Byron Funkhouser3/27/21, 9:37 AM

    Well it's not quite on par with taking money under the table from the Chi-Coms, kiddie porn and having the Secret Service cover up a gun that you had your girlfriend toss into a trash can near a primary school but he's got to start somewhere right?

  6. Byron Funkhouser3/27/21, 10:19 AM

    I did too! I missed my meds because I was buttfucking a 6 year old boy!

  7. I did not make the comment at 10:19.

    Everyone can see that you're an asshole.

  8. When will Quinton Lucas surrender to Douglas County authorities to take his long-delayed punishment?

    I'm sure all the local media will be editorializing for him to do the right thing, right?

  9. As a Kansas Republican I would gladly welcome his resignation. DUI and wrong way is enough. No reason for KHP to cover up for him or go soft. I am serious and not spoofing in my comment. He can resign NOW!! Drunk Driving is wrong for the ordinary citizen it is for an elected official too!

  10. Throw the book at him...but he's White. Diversion and 1 hour community service. It will be like he's free to do it again and again.

  11. If you’re curious about white privilege, this is classic example of it:


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