Suspected Atlanta Sex Addiction Massage Parlor Massacre Resonates In Kansas City

The progressive anti-Trump narrative of this shooting quickly evaporated because the underlying problems at the crux of this problem are far more complex than local media can handle.

Still, some of the conversation sparked still deserves a look . . .

KCUR: Asian Americans In Kansas City React To A Wave Of Anti-Asian Violence Across The US

For this blog, this note has been the most interesting report we've seen tonight . . .

Robert Long, suspect in Atlanta spa shootings, may have 'sex addiction,' police say

State and federal investigators are scrambling to learn more about Robert Aaron Long, the suspect in a string of deadly shootings at three Atlanta-area Asian spas, and his alleged motive.


  1. Those Asian massage places are human traffic operations. Everyone knows it. Nobody does anything.

  2. A female friend of mine once went to one not knowing it was a 'MASSAGE palor', and at the end the woman gave her a little pinch on her nipple.

  3. @11:14 - True enough.

  4. That's really some bad day this young fellow had.

  5. No, no, no!
    It doesn't make any difference what the perpetrator says.
    What's important is the latest media narrative of bias, discrimination, and hate.
    When actually he attacked those businesses because he has a sex addiction.
    And those businesses HAPPEN to be mostly staffed by Asian women.
    But never let the facts get in the way of the latest media "outrage".
    And operations like the Star wonder why the public pays no attention to them.

  6. ANOTHER white, male, domestic terrorist, gun dummy, virgin INCEL. They are the true plague of this world. White men are the worst!

  7. NFL - New England Patriots owner, Bob Kraft, said "no comment" on his reaction to the Atlanta massage parlor shootings.

  8. Black males aged 15-35 make up 3% of the nation’s population and are responsible for:

    53% of all mass shootings
    52% of all homicides
    42% of all murders of on-duty police
    30% of all rapes
    56% of all robberies
    33% of all aggravated assaults
    30% of all burglaries
    38% of all 'Violent Crime'
    33% of all crimes against 'families and children'

  9. The real story doesn’t matter. The political narrative becomes reality by repetition of the MSM and the narrative is that the U.S. is plagued by violent white supremacists which need to be stamped out entirely for the nation to move forward. The demonization of a demographic is going full throttle and the pogrom is coming close behind.

  10. ^^and yet white men continue to show why they are the most violent species on the planet though so.....Weird.

    1. Poor Chimpy can't read well. Evidence is at 8:08. But that's our Dr. Chimpy! We're still laughing at you from yesterday, when you were the big CDC expert. More monkey science Chimpy!! Hurry! Lolol

  11. 12:33 one example -- Between April and July 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the space of 100 days.

  12. all people can try to cooperate with one another, or not.

  13. 5.4 million people have died in Democratic Republic of Congo since 1998 because of conflict

  14. Hutu militants who participated in the Rwandan genocide fled to the Congo in 1994, setting up encampments in the mountainous areas akin to fiefdoms.

  15. before leopold? Luba, lunda, and congo empires.

    Dynastic rulers of the Luba empire traced their ancestry to the mythic Kalala Ilunga, a hunter who was credited with toppling the cruel and despotic ruler Nkongolo and introducing signature elements of Luba culture. Because of their divine status, Luba kings became deities upon their deaths, and the villages from which they ruled were transformed into living shrines devoted to their legacies.
    By 1650, the lunda ruler Mwaant Yaav Naweej had established trade routes from his capital to the Atlantic coast and initiated direct contact with European traders eager for slaves and forest products.

    The Lunda people seem to have become aware of the slave trade as early as the 16th century. Wandering Lunda hunters and salt prospectors, known as Imbangala (or Jaga), entered Angola and recruited local followers into heavily armed bands that raided the countryside, sold their captives to European sailors, and eventually formed an alliance with the Portuguese

  16. the dutch were interested in commodities not slaves.

  17. the dutch were interested in commodities not slaves.........................................................................................................................................................................................

  18. moral of the story: BE MORE SPECIFIC

  19. OR
    God or the devil is in the details.


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